Collection: Buddha Feng Shui Set

These Buddha Feng Shui Sets are a harmonious blend of spiritual symbolism and aesthetic elegance designed to bring peace, balance, and positive energy into any space. 

You can create a peaceful shrine in your home, spa or even office. There is space for a tealight candle and can be further enhanced with crystals or incense etc.  Crafted with attention to detail, each set features a beautifully hand-carved Buddha figurine and a complementary symbol such as the Hamsa, Flower Mandala, Om, or Buddha Knot. 

Customers seeking inner peace, spiritual growth, or just a touch of tranquillity in your surroundings, will be delighted with these  Buddha Feng Shui Sets from The Lemon Tree. They make a perfect gift, supplied in a well packed box for gifting. NB they need to be assembled, but it is a simple task. 

Carefully designed and made using sustainable albasia wood in Bali, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.