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The Lemon Tree

Buddha Feng Shui Set - Flower Mandala - Blue

Buddha Feng Shui Set - Flower Mandala - Blue

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Introducing our Buddha Feng Shui Set - an enchanting Flower Mandala design in a soothing Blue colour. This remarkable set combines the timeless wisdom of Buddha with the intricate beauty of a floral mandala pattern, creating a harmonious and uplifting ambience in any setting. The Buddha symbolises enlightenment and spiritual awakening, inspiring tranquillity and mindfulness in those who encounter it.  The Flower Mandala, a sacred symbol representing the universe and interconnectedness, embodies the beauty and harmony found in nature.The combination of the Buddha and Flower Mandala in this set creates a powerful fusion of spiritual guidance and artistic elegance. Sizes:Buddha: 25cm Stand: H- 42.5cm. Product code: BFSS-02

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