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Buddha Feng Shui Set - Buddha Knot - Green

Buddha Feng Shui Set - Buddha Knot - Green

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Introducing our Buddha Feng Shui Set featuring the captivating Buddha Knot design in the shade of Green. This remarkable set combines the profound spiritual significance of Buddha with the intricate symbolism of the Buddha Knot, creating a harmonious and positive energy in any space. The Buddha represents enlightenment and inner peace, inviting a state of tranquillity and mindfulness. The Buddha Knot, also known as the eternal knot, symbolises the interconnectedness of all things and the eternal flow of energy. It represents the unending cycle of life, wisdom, and spiritual growth. The combination of the Buddha and Buddha Knot in this set creates a powerful synergy, promoting spiritual well-being and a sense of interconnectedness. Sizes:Buddha: 25cm Stand: H- 45cm. Product code: BFSS-05

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