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Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 21cm - 5 Buddhas

Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 21cm - 5 Buddhas

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Unlock the profound power of meditation and spiritual alignment with our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 5 Buddhas. Crafted in the sacred Tibetan style, this bowl features the representation of the 5 Buddhas, providing a gateway to inner peace, enlightenment, and spiritual transcendence. Handcrafted with deep respect for Tibetan traditions, our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl pays homage to centuries of spiritual wisdom and insight. It reflects the sacred artistry and devotion of Tibetan artisans. This bowl is adorned with a meticulously engraved representation of the Five Buddhas. These enlightened beings are symbolic of wisdom, compassion, and spiritual awakening, serving as guides on your journey to self-realization. With a 21cm diameter, this bowl is an ideal size for meditation, sound healing, and spiritual rituals. It serves as a powerful instrument for practitioners and seekers alike, offering a connection to the profound teachings of the Five Buddhas. Seeking a meaningful and spiritually resonant gift? Our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - Five Buddhas, is a thoughtful choice for individuals on a path of self-discovery, meditation, and spiritual awakening. 

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