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Large Nepalese Moon Bowl - (approx 850g) - 17cm

Large Nepalese Moon Bowl - (approx 850g) - 17cm

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Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and tranquillity with our Large Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl, an exquisite embodiment of artistry and spirituality. Handcrafted in the mystical landscapes of Nepal, this unique singing bowl resonates with the enchanting sounds of the Himalayas. Skilfully handcrafted by Nepalese artisans, our Large Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl embodies the timeless traditions passed down through generations. Each bowl stands as a testament to the artisan's commitment to creating instruments of exceptional quality. Carved from a single piece of metal alloy, this singing bowl produces deep, resonant tones that permeate the environment when played. These harmonious vibrations create an ambiance conducive to deep relaxation, meditation, and self-exploration. With a 17cm diameter and an approximate weight of 850g, this singing bowl is a versatile instrument. Whether utilized for meditation, sound healing, yoga, or simply as an exquisite spiritual centrepiece, it infuses your space with tranquillity and mindfulness. In search of a meaningful and unique gift? Our Large Nepalese Moon Singing Bowl is a profound choice for individuals seeking serenity, mindfulness, and the timeless wisdom of the East.

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