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Great offer: Magic Spell Candles Bundle - Save over £200

Great offer: Magic Spell Candles Bundle - Save over £200

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Magic Spell Soy Wax Candle Bulk Pack saving over £200

Maybe you own a yoga studio or want to sell them yourself.

Unleash the magic with the Spellbinding Soy Wax Candle bulk Pack. This collection is the perfect introduction to the world of ritual candles and appealing aromas, allowing you or your customers to connect with their intentions through delightful scents.

This bulk buy offers a total of 36 candles.

3x Happiness Spell Candles

3x Sweet Revenge Spell Candles

3x Seduction Spell Candles

3x Love Spell Candles: Ignite passion and romance.

3x Cleansing Spell Candles: Purify and refresh energy.

3x Friendship Spell Candles: Strengthen bonds and foster connection.

3x Success Spell Candles: Attract abundance and achieve goals.

3x Balance Spell Candles: Restore harmony and inner peace.

3x Luck Spell Candles: Attract good fortune and positive outcomes.

3x Confidence Spell Candles: Empower and radiate self-belief.

3x Protection Spell Candles: Shield against negativity.

3x Prosperity Spell Candles: Attract wealth and abundance.

Each enchanting candle features:

▪️ Natural Soy Wax: A clean-burning and sustainable alternative.

▪️ Carefully Selected Gemstone Chips: Enhance the magical properties of each spell.

 ▪️ Reusable Elegant Jar with Cork Lid: Adds a touch of sophistication to any décor.

The delivery time on this product will be slightly longer than our normal 3 business days. Please expect a 7 business day delivery.

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