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Shiva Lingam Magic Wand - Amethyst - Success

Shiva Lingam Magic Wand - Amethyst - Success

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These are our Gemstone Shiva Lingam Magic Wands. Made from genuine gemstones, these unique wands cater to a variety of uses. The Shiva Lingam stone is believed to hold deep reverence in both ancient and contemporary cultures. Originating from the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, one of India's seven sacred sites, these stones are revered for their spiritual significance. Composed of cryptocrystalline quartz, legend has it that they emerged from a meteorite impact millions of years ago. The natural flow of the river is said to shape these stones into their distinctive egg or oval forms. Why Choose Our Gemstone Shiva Lingam Magic Wands? High-Quality Gemstones: Each wand is crafted from natural stones, ensuring authenticity. Product code: LingW-03

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