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HH Tarot Roll On - The Devil (Red Jasper)

HH Tarot Roll On - The Devil (Red Jasper)

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Unleash Your Vibrant Spirit Discover the Bold Essence: "The Devil" by Hop Hare, a gemstone-infused essential oil roll-on designed to balance your dynamic energy with the grounding force of Red Jasper. Each roll-on is a potent concoction of bold scents, bound to awaken your most vibrant self. The Stone of Equilibrium: Red Jasper. Nestled within the heart of each roll-on is a piece of Red Jasper, a gemstone renowned for its stabilising properties. It is believed to balance out extremes, ensuring that your dynamic energies move in harmony with the world around you. Invoke The Devil. Incorporate into your morning routine to kickstart the day with vigour. Use as a personal scent to carry a sense of audacity and poise. Reapply before social gatherings to channel charisma and confidence. Offer as a gift to those who revel in their strength and embrace lifes zest. With "The Devil" by Hop Hare, embrace the dance of life with a bold step, allowing Red Jasper to guide you through the rhythm of your days with passion and potency.

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