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The Lemon Tree

HH Tarot Roll On - The Moon (Amethytst)

HH Tarot Roll On - The Moon (Amethytst)

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A Soothing Lullaby for Senses. Welcome the Nocturnal Serenity:  Each roll-on is an infusion of tranquil scents designed to calm mind, perfectly paired with the serene vibrations of Amethyst gemstones.  The Moon's Companion: Amethyst. Within the heart of each roll-on lies an Amethyst gemstone, known for its ability to tranquilise frenzied thoughts and align the mind with a higher state of consciousness. The presence of Amethyst in "The Moon" is to guard against the night's uncertainties and foster a haven of tranquillity. Invite The Moon to Integrate into your evening ritual to wind down from the day. Apply as a personal fragrance to carry the calm of the night. Use to enrich meditation or prayer with a sense of peace and contemplation. A thoughtful gift to loved ones in need of rest and relaxation. With "The Moon" by Hop Hare, let the evening hours become your sanctuary, and allow the Amethyst's calm to guide you to a restful repose and dream-filled slumber.

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