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HH Tarot Roll On - The Lovers (Rose Quarz)

HH Tarot Roll On - The Lovers (Rose Quarz)

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Enter on a Journey of the Heart. Crafting the Love Story: "The Lovers" by Hop Hare, a quintessential essential oil gemstone roll-on crafted to beckon love and kindle the flames of passion. Each bottle is a harmonious concoction of nature's most enchanting fragrances, married with the loving energy of Rose Quartz gemstones.The Virtue of Rose Quartz. Encased within each roll-on is a Rose Quartz gemstone, the beacon of love. Celebrated for its ability to draw and maintain love, Rose Quartz aids emotional healing, alleviates stress, and assists in realising love in all its myriad forms. How to Revel. Tenderly sweep "The Lovers" roll-on across your heart, wrists, or neck. Feel the gentle caress of Rose Quartz against your skin. Inhale the loving fragrances, envisaging your heartfelt desires. Venture forth with assurance, enshrouded in an aura of love. Allow "The Lovers" by Hop Hare to be your fragrant companion in the waltz of love, and may each application draw you nearer to the love you yearn for and richly deserve.

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