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Rare Mineral Specimens - Pack of 5 - Mix 1

Rare Mineral Specimens - Pack of 5 - Mix 1

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The mineral specimens are one of the most inspiring and interesting collector's items on the market. An original gift for a nature-lover or traveller; the authentic souvenirs found around the world. Be ready for an endless variety of crystal shapes, colours and arrangements, and remember - there are no two identical pieces. Pack contains: Flower Calcite - Believed to have metaphysical properties and is used in crystal healing and meditation. Calcite - used in jewelry and as a decorative stone. It is also used as a pH neutralizer in water treatment and as a soil conditioner. Cobalt Calcite - believed to have metaphysical properties, such as promoting self-esteem and inner peace. Small prehnite - green, translucent mineral that is often found in the form of small, radiating clusters or masses.Calsidone - Chalcedony is a variety of quartz, consisting of natural silicon dioxide. It comes in a variety of colours and forms, each with its own unique characteristics. PLEASE NOTE: These Minerals are a natural product. Because of this, the sizes of the gemstone pieces may vary. Product code: DSMinsp-01

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