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Mandala Shamanic Drum with Sticks - 20cm

Mandala Shamanic Drum with Sticks - 20cm

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20cm Mandala Shamanic Drum with Sticks: Sacred Sounds in MiniatureMandala Shamanic Drum, is a compact marvel that delivers powerful, resonant rhythms. This 20cm drum, complete with sticks, carries the intricate beauty of the Mandala design, inviting a sense of serenity and spirituality into your collection. Crafted from high-quality Suar wood. Authentic goat skin for rich, resonant tones. Perfect for spiritual and meditation practicesDiscover the allure of Mandala artistry in a musical form. Elevate your space with these enchanting Shamanic Drums, designed to captivate both the eyes and ears .Embrace the sacred sounds of the Mandala Shamanic Drum. Order now and receive a miniature masterpiece that resonates with tranquillity and tradition.

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