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Chakra Wide Top Djembe Drum - 17cm

Chakra Wide Top Djembe Drum - 17cm

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The Wide Top Djembe Drum 30cm with a Chakra design on the skin is a fascinating and spiritually inspired percussion instrument that marries the rich heritage of West African drumming with the symbolic representation of chakras, which are energy centres associated with various aspects of spirituality and well-being.The Chakra design on the drumhead introduces a spiritually significant element to the instrument. Chakras are focal points of energy within the body, according to certain spiritual traditions. Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of one's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.The Wide Top Djembe Drum with a Chakra design on the skin offers a unique fusion of West African percussion traditions and the spiritual symbolism of chakras. It serves as a captivating instrument for musical performances, and cultural events, or as a symbolic piece representing the harmony between cultural and spiritual aspects of life. Diameter: 17cmHeight: 30cm

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