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The Lemon Tree

Round Seagrass Bird Box with Chimes 45x17cm

Round Seagrass Bird Box with Chimes 45x17cm

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The Lemon Tree offers a genuine collection of seagrass bird houses. They are designed in Bali and crafted from seagrass. Some are decorated with bamboo wind chimes, creating rustic garden ornaments that are sure to bring a fairytale cottage-inspired look to any outdoor space. Seagrass birdhouses are a fantastic gift idea for a keen gardener or simply to entertain the family while providing a home for neighbourhood birds. Seagrass Bird Boxes help support the local ecosystem and promote biodiversity, making them a great way to attract and observe a variety of bird species. They're lovely garden accessories, attracting plenty of feathered friends and serving as beautiful and functional additions to any garden or outdoor space. Their unique and charming designs, combined with their practical functionality, make them perfect choices for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Featuring a hanging rope, they can be easily hung from a tree branch or bracket. Product code: BirdB-03

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