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Oval Donut Shaped Vase - Chocolate 18cm

Oval Donut Shaped Vase - Chocolate 18cm

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Oval Donut Shaped Vase in Chocolate (18cm) - A Taste of Artistry from Lombok. This ceramic vase embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and artistic craftsmanship, making it an exceptional addition to your interior. Its exclusive oval donut shape is bound to captivate, creating an elegant focal point that draws attention and admiration. The rich chocolate hue of this vase adds warmth and depth to your decor. It offers a unique and rich alternative to traditional neutral tones, making it a perfect choice for adding character to your living space. Enrich your decor with the charm and cultural heritage of Indonesia. Please note that this vase is not intended for holding water, so it's ideal for dry or artificial floral arrangements

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