Collection: 925 Silver Earrings - Red Coral Imitation (Resin)

Introducing our 925 Silver Earrings, a true embodiment of elegance and timeless beauty. Hand-crafted in the artistic haven of Bali, these charming earrings combine the allure of red Coral Imitation resin with the enduring charm of 925 silver. The result? A piece of jewelry that's not only visually stunning but also carries a rich history as a protective talisman.

These 925 Silver Earrings boast a smooth, resin-red texture that shimmers and sparkles. Making them the perfect accessory for any occasion. Just picture them paired with an elegant evening dress. An unforgettable combination that will complement any outfit in your collection.

Our collection of 925 Silver Earrings showcases intricate detailing and a lustrous finish that catches and plays with the light.