Collection: 925 Silver Angel Bells

Embrace the enchanting charm of our 925 Silver Angel Bell Necklaces, crafted with love on the mystical banks of Ubud, Bali. Each necklace is a tribute to the spiritual essence of this sacred mountain.

Immerse in the gentle, soothing sound that echoes with each movement, a constant reminder of the celestial guardians that may be hovering nearby. Each necklace, weighing 14 grams, features 14 distinct bell designs, ensuring there's a style that resonates with everyone.

What makes these silver angel bells truly special is their names - known only to the wearer. Turning each piece into a deeply personal talisman. These angel bell necklaces are more than accessories; they are heartfelt tokens of affection.

Handmade with the finest 925 Bali silver, and complemented by neck cords adorned with silver details and clasps, these necklaces exude elegance. The bells, meticulously balanced in brass, ceramic, and resin, add a harmonious touch to this divine creation